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Notes to Self About Traveling

Learning the Language

I was unprepared to learn spanish before going to Columbia. The only thing that matters for pickup is learning to speak the language. Not knowing arbitrary words. Not reading books.

To that end, you have to practice speaking. Not flash cards, not reading. How do you do that? Most of the gringos I’ve talked to say language schools are kind of useless. You find a tutor. How do you do that?

My working hypothesis (Tue Jan 27, 2015) is the best way is to go find a local gringos meetup and ask around for tutor recommendations. Searching online was utterly useless, craigslist south america, trip advisor, other random forums lol.

Anki is the bees’ knees, but I do need daily interaction in the language to keep me moving forward, to improve my comprehension and pronunciation.

  • Practice speaking is the only way to learn, so get a tutor.
  • Personal networks are the best way to get a recommendation, so find a gringo bar night and ask around.